About us

ChemCom Industries is a production company and service provider in the chemical industry.
At our production site in Farmsum, The Netherlands,
we operate chemical process installations
for the production of a range of high-quality products.

What ChemCom stands for

ChemCom Industries is a producer of industrial chemicals. drawing on years of experience and technical know-how to serve a very broad range of markets, with essential products in a broad industry with our specialized and competent team.

The region has a good pool of competent,

highly skilled and reliable employees who find a good employer in ChemCom Industries.


Our company was founded in 1972 in the form of a general partnership as a cooperation between the Dutch chemical companies Akzo and DSM. The then company, Methanol Chemie Nederland vof, had at its disposal a methanol plant and two tracking plants for the production of formaldehyde and a resins production unit with two large reactors in which adhesives for the wood processing industry were produced. Even today, these products are still an important part of our product pallet.

The most important developments in our history at a glance:

1972 Establishment of Methanol Chemie Nederland vof as a joint venture between Akzo and DSM.
Foundation of the site with production facilities for methanol, formaldehyde, resins.
1985 Split Methanol Chemie Nederland vof / Methanor vof.
The methanol activities were transferred to Methanor vof, a joint venture between Akzo, DSM and the Norwegian company Dyno.
The formaldehyde and glue activities remained in Methanol Chemie Nederland vof (JV Akzo/DSM).
1991 Sale of Methanol Chemie Nederland vof to Neste Chemicals Oy (Finland).
Name change from Methanol Chemie Nederland vof to Neste Resins B.V.
1991 Certification ISO 9001.
1997 ISO 14001 certification.
1999 Capacity expansion of resins from 100,000 to 160,000 tons.
2000 Sale of shares in Neste Chemicals Oy to Industry Kapital (Sweden).
2001 2001 Merger of Neste Chemicals Oy (Finland) and Dyno AS (Norway). New company Dynea Oy. Name change from Neste Resins B.V. to Dynea B.V.
2003 Capacity expansion of resins from 160,000 to 210,000 tons.
2004 2004 Integration of Dynea B.V. (Delfzijl) and Dynea N.V. (Ghent, Belgium) into the operational unit Dynea Benelux. Operational Shared Service Centre Benelux in Delfzijl.
2010 2010 Integration of Dynea Benelux and Dynea Resins France SAS (Brebières, France) into the operational unit Dynea BeNeFra. Operational Shared Service Centre BeNeFra in Delfzijl.
2012 Sale of shares in Dynea B.V. to ChemCom Investments B.V.
2013 Name change from Dynea B.V. to ChemCom Industries B.V.
Project for new business information system wins Exact Project of the Year Award 2013.
2014 Realization of multifunctional tank farm for production and blending services.
2015 Certification ISO 45001.
Start-up Tardit MU plant for the production of innovative and high-quality plant nutrition.
2017 Acquisition activities Desmepol-Plastyn®.
Now ChemCom Industries B.V.
Methanol. Formaldehyde, Resins, Superplasticizers, Slow Release Fertilizers, Steam.