Perform™ is a portfolio of high-grade adhesives for the green wood-processing industry. For circular and sustainable use of wood.

Liquid urea resins are used for indoor applications and melamine urea resins are used when a certain degree of moisture resistance or dimensional stability is required. The benefits of these resins include extremely low formaldehyde emissions in accordance with all relevant standards, from EI, EI/2 to F ****.

Perform™ UF resins

Urea-formaldehyde (UF) resins are particularly suitable for use as adhesives in the wood industry, for the production of chipboard panels, MDF and HDF, etc. As well as for use in foam resin manufacture and other industrial applications. UF resins are produced in different versions with different properties that are adapted to specific types of production, manufacturing and customer needs.

Perform™ MUF resins

Urea-formaldehyde resins reinforced with melamine, in various ratios, make up a wide variety of resins designed to be used as adhesives in the woodworking industry (chipboard, MDF, HDF, etc.).

These resins are particularly resistant to the harshest ambient conditions (e.g. water resistance). Apart from the wood processing industry, these resins also have other applications in industry, such as foam resins and glass fibre binder.

Development and R&D

Despite – or because of – our small, flat and open organization, we are able to develop new resins flexibly, quickly and efficiently (in addition to our existing portfolio).

We can also respond quickly when we need to change our products to match customer, market or legislative requirements. In short: we are the perfect partner to help you grow.



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