ChemCom Industries has its location in Farmsum, The Netherlands in the Eems Delta chemical cluster. ChemCom Industries has a site of about 9 hectares. Logistically a very well located location with our jetty connected to water, rail and road for efficient supply and removal of goods within Europe and the rest of the world. The region has a good potential of capable, highly skilled and reliable employees who ChemCom Industries is eager to find as a good employer.


ChemCom Industries has modern production, storage, and loading facilities. Through regular modernization and automation, our facilities are “state-of-the-art” so that safe, reliable and efficient execution of our work is guaranteed for now and in the future.

Multifunctional tank farm

With our multifunctional tank farm, various storage options and multifunctional reactors, we can provide services for the production, mixing and combining of chemicals and high-quality chemical products for third parties.

Port Facilities

ChemCom Industries site is located directly on outdoor and inland water. ChemCom Industries has access to seaport and inland port facilities where vessels of up to approximately 15,000 tons (seaport) and 3,500 tons (inland port) can be received and loaded


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